Occupational Pension Schemes Survey Consultation

Closed 2 Aug 2019

Opened 20 Jun 2019


In December 2015, ONS initiated a consultation on a number of options for scaling back existing business survey operations including the OPSS. Respondents promoted the value of the OPSS statistical bulletin in informing policy, citing that ceasing the survey, whilst automatic enrolment to pension schemes was underway, would make it difficult to monitor the impact of this high-profile pensions policy. Based on this feedback, a decision was made to continue the survey. However new information suggests that this data is not being used as extensively as it once was. As a result we are consulting to review the value of this survey.

The phasing in of automatic enrolment is now complete. Furthermore, it has become apparent that much of the data collected by the survey is now available from alternative sources e.g. The Pensions Regulator (TPR) are also now releasing a DB landscape publication alongside their longer running DC Trust release.

We are therefore keen to identify the specific use of the OPSS statistics by users at this time, to establish if continuation of the survey is warranted and if so, what form the survey should take moving forward to meet user needs.



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