Initial View on Census 2021 Output Content Design

Closed 23 May 2018

Opened 28 Feb 2018


This consultation gives you the opportunity to respond to our initial proposed design of Census 2021 outputs and the dissemination channels for England and Wales.

We’d like to gather your views on our initial design of Census 2021 outputs to ensure our proposal will meet your needs. This feedback will help us to prioritise our future research and development of Census 2021 outputs. It will also inform the order in which we release our products.

The consultation is open until midnight on 23 May 2018. We’ll publish our response to your feedback by autumn 2018.

The best way to respond to this consultation is online using the link below.  You can also respond using the attachment in the related links section and email it to Please use the subject line “Initial View Consultation”.

Why We Are Consulting

We’re asking you to take part in this consultation so we can understand the impact the proposed output content and design will have on your work. By helping us to understand the impact on your work, you’ll further our ability to meet your needs. 

If you wish to contact us about the consultation, please email the Census 2021 Outputs and Dissemination Team at


  • Anyone from any background


  • Business
  • Economy
  • Health
  • Labour market
  • Migration
  • Population
  • Statistics
  • Data