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  • PPI Consultation

    We are proposing to stop publishing a number of low-level series for both Output and Input Producer Prices. This is due to changes to our current disclosure policy which we plan to introduce later this year as part of the new modernized systems we are developing to support the publication of... More
    Closes 26 June 2019
  • Homelessness Indicators Consultation

    ONS are working in partnership with the Centre for Homelessness Impact (CHI) to create an indicator framework to measure homelessness across the UK. CHI are a What Works Centre. They drive evidence-led change that achieves better outcomes for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness. ... More
    Closes 10 July 2019
  • Adding more detail to the Standard Occupational Classification

    PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A FORMAL PUBLIC CONSULTATION The Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) is a recognised framework that enables all UK occupations to be classified according to skill level and specialisation. SOC is essential in the creation of occupational statistics which, in... More
    Closes 30 September 2019
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