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  • Consultation on the National Statistics definition of alcohol-related deaths

    Please note, the closing date of the consultation has been extended to 31/8/17 in order to provide respondents with more time. Office for National Statistics (ONS) reports annual trends on deaths associated with alcohol consumption using a National Statistics (NS) definition of... More
    Closes in 1 week
  • Sub-national service exports methodology and initial results

    Services are the majority of economic output in the UK, and exports of services have been increasing in recent years. There has been growing demand for more detailed estimates of UK trade data, particularly for sub-national breakdowns. As part of the UK trade development plan , and the ... More
    Closes in 2 weeks
  • Sub-national PSF Consultation

    This consultation aims to gather user views on public sector finance statistics at local area geographies, whether that be country, region, local authority or other sub-UK geography. The first part of the consultation focuses on feedback on the Country and regional public sector finances... More
    Closes in 3 weeks
  • Changes to ONS Gross Domestic Product (GDP) release schedule

    The ONS currently publishes three Gross Domestic Product (GDP) releases for each quarter. This sees a ‘Preliminary Estimate’ published approximately four weeks after the end of the preceding quarter. This estimate only contains output data as there are no expenditure or income data available.... More
    Closes in 3 weeks
  • Estimating the number of rooms and bedrooms in the 2021 Census: An alternative approach using Valuation Office Agency (VOA) data

    This consultation gives you the opportunity to respond to the ' Estimating the number of rooms and bedrooms in the 2021 Census: An alternative approach using Valuation Office Agency data' publication. This followed a commitment made in the 2021 Census topic consultation , where it was... More
    Closes in 1 month
  • Proposed changes to ONS Birth Statistics

    We are planning to change the way in which birth statistics for England and Wales are published from 2017 data year onwards. The first births release containing 2017 data is planned for July or August 2018. We plan to make explorable datasets for live births available in NOMIS . These will... More
    Closes in 1 month
  • ONS approach to measuring and reporting SDGs in the UK

    The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been designed to “leave no one behind” and bring an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030. The 17 goals agreed at a United Nations Sustainable Development World Summit are the result of over 2 years of intensive... More
    Closes in 1 month
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