Census 2021 outputs: content design and release phase proposals

Closes 5 Oct 2021

3c: Ethnic group

In 2011, there were 18 response options in the ethnic group questions. These were divided into five sections. Within each section, there was an ‘Other’ option allowing respondents to express their identity how they wished. This meant that we could further disaggregate ethnic group data based on the written responses within each section.

For Census 2021, the ethnic group question includes a new tick box for ‘Roma’ under the ‘White’ category. It also contains an option to write in a more detailed response when selecting the existing ‘African’ response option.

We will update the detailed ethnic group classifications to take into account these changes. The current proposed classifications are contained in Draft proposals for outputs data content (XLS, 610KB) and in the drop down box below. As we are still developing the most detailed classification, this spreadsheet does not include the most detailed ethnic group classification.  This will use data from the write-in responses. 

The information you provide will be used to further develop our plans for releasing data and analysis on this question.  Please provide as much detail as possible to justify your needs.  For example, what policy or planning decisions would the data or analysis affect? 

Proposed classifications for ethnic group

In the classification with 5 high level groups, the groups are:

  • Asian/Asian Welsh/Asian British
  • Black/Black Welsh/Black British/Caribbean/African
  • Mixed/multiple ethnic group
  • White
  • Other ethnic group

In the classification with 19 groups, the groups are:

  • Asian/Asian Welsh/Asian British: Bangladeshi
  • Asian/Asian Welsh/Asian British: Chinese
  • Asian/Asian Welsh/Asian British: Indian
  • Asian/Asian Welsh/Asian British: Pakistani
  • Asian/Asian Welsh/Asian British: Other Asian
  • Black/Black Welsh/Black British/Caribbean/African: African background
  • Black/Black Welsh/Black British/Caribbean/African: Caribbean
  • Black/Black Welsh/Black British/Caribbean/African: Other Black
  • Mixed/multiple ethnic group: Asian and White
  • Mixed/multiple ethnic group: Black African and White
  • Mixed/multiple ethnic group: Black Caribbean and White
  • Mixed/multiple ethnic group: Other Mixed
  • White: English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish/British
  • White: Gypsy or Irish Traveller
  • White: Irish
  • White: Roma
  • White: Other White
  • Other ethnic group: Arab
  • Other ethnic group: Any other ethnic group
Which level of ethnic group detail will you use the most?
Would ordering the categories within the ethnic group classifications alphabetically meet your needs?

We’re considering the ordering of the classifications in the outputs. Options include, alphabetically, by size of population, and by order within the questionnaire.

Is the current wording used within the ethnic group classifications appropriate?

For example, is our approach to representing the categories, given the different question wording on the England form compared to the Wales form, appropriate?

What geographies will you use the most when analysing ethnic group information?
Are there any specific ethnic groups you are most interested in?
Please rank the following factors in order of importance in relation to your needs for ethnic group information.

‘1’ is most important, and ‘5’ is least important. If a factor is not important at all, please respond ‘Not important’

Do our plans for producing census analysis products on ethnic group meet your needs?