Census 2021 outputs: content design and release phase proposals

Closes 5 Oct 2021

2b: Topic-based summaries and area profiles

We plan a staggered release of topic summaries. We intend to provide these largely as univariate tables. This means that they only include data from a single variable, for example religion or general health. These are similar in concept to the Quick Statistics from 2011. We will be able to make the tables produced on a single variable available at the most detailed level of the classification.

We’re proposing to cover topic summaries, in the order provided, for the following areas:

1. demography and migration

2. ethnic group, national identity, language and religion

3. sexual orientation and gender identity

4. health, disability and unpaid care

5. housing

6. labour market and travel to work

7. education

8. armed forces veterans

The data from these publications will be used to create area profiles.

The information you provide will be used to assess if there is sufficient user need to consider publishing information on these topics in a different order. Please provide as much detail as possible to justify your data needs.

Do you agree with the recommended ordering of the topic-staggered approach to phase one?
Do the table specifications for phase one meet your data user needs?

The table specifications are provided in the “Topic summaries” tab of Draft proposals for outputs data content (XLS, 610KB).

Do the proposals for the content of area profiles meet your data user needs?

The area profile specifications are provided in Draft proposals for outputs data content (XLS, 610KB), in the tab ‘Area profiles’.

Do you require additional less detailed profiles for small parishes that will be merged with other areas in the standard profiles and tables?