Consultation on the Health Index (Beta release)

Closes 3 Mar 2021

How We Will Handle your Response

We would like to know as much as possible about what you think of our proposals.

We aim to be as open and transparent as possible, so all responses to this consultation will be published. By default, this will include your name and the name of your organisation, but you can ask us not to publish your name below. We will not publish or share your contact details. Responses will be moderated before publication to identify and remove any offensive, hateful, inappropriate, commercially sensitive or market sensitive content. 

For full details of how we will handle your data, please see the Office for National Statistics privacy notice. Please note we may contact you in future to discuss your response to this consultation.

To support transparency in our decision-making process, responses to this consultation will be made public. This will include the name of the responding organisation or individual. Please confirm that you are content for your name to be published. We won’t publish personal contact details.

Please be aware that any information provided in response to this consultation could be made publicly available if requested under a Freedom of Information request. Please also be aware that if you are responding as an individual but then name your organisation in any of the open questions, that name will be published.