Consultation on the National Statistics definition of alcohol-related deaths

Closes 31 Aug 2017

Opened 28 Jun 2017


Please note, the closing date of the consultation has been extended to 31/8/17 in order to provide respondents with more time. 

Office for National Statistics (ONS) reports annual trends on deaths associated with alcohol consumption using a National Statistics (NS) definition of alcohol-related deaths. ONS also use this definition to respond to Parliamentary Questions, and to the media and customer data requests.

The current NS definition intends to identify deaths from conditions for which most are due to alcohol. Different definitions are used across government, including government agencies and the devolved administrations, to measure alcohol-related mortality, with the total number of deaths varying substantially. 

This consultation aims to review which causes of death are appropriate to include in the NS definition, with the view to having a single harmonised approach. 

To take part in this consultation, please review the attached consultation document and then record your responses via link below. The data associated with the commentary in the consultation document has also been attached. 


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