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  • User needs from producer price inflation statistics

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) produces a range of statistics for both consumer and producer price inflation (CPI and PPI respectively). We are reviewing our publications for producer price inflation statistics, with the aim of refining our outputs to better meet users' needs. This will also help with our quality assurance processes by reducing the number of data items that are repeated across multiple outputs. PPI statistics include Input (inputs into manufacturing),... More
    Opened 20 March 2024
  • SRS and IDS annual user experience survey 2024

    Welcome to the annual Secure Research Service (SRS) and Integrated Data Service (IDS) user experience survey. We are seeking feedback from existing and potential users of the SRS or the IDS. By better understanding how you manage your research and analyses, we can make sure that your views are heard as we develop our services. Your views will be anonymised in aggregated results only. Find out more about the SRS and the IDS on our websites. Thank you for your... More
    Opened 5 March 2024
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