PPI Consultation

Closed 26 Jun 2019

Opened 15 May 2019


We are proposing to stop publishing a number of low-level series for both Output and Input Producer Prices. This is due to changes to our current disclosure policy which we plan to introduce later this year as part of the new modernized systems we are developing to support the publication of Business Prices statistics. These changes are required to continue to ensure the confidentiality of the data we publish. The low-level series affected by these changes are lower quality compared to higher-level indices, which are based on more price quotes. Higher-level indices will continue to be available.

We are also seeking additional information on how our statistics are used, particularly our PPI input series.

Finally, we are reminding users that we will stop producing net-based series later in the year. A consultation on this change had taken place in June 2017. We are providing a full list of the affected series as part of this consultation.

We are supporting users by outlining possible replacement indices to those being removed from publication. The suitability of such ‘replacement indices’ will however be a user decision.

Please find the Consulation Document and Annexes at the bottom of this page.

What Happens Next

The consultation has now closed. Thank you for your input. We will be assessing the feedback from all respondents. 

We will publish our initial findings of the responses within 12 weeks of the 26th June 2019.


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