Review of ONS priorities

Closed 20 Mar 2017

Opened 2 Feb 2017


We have always sought feedback on our performance, but we understand that it hasn't always been clear how this information has been acted on. This year, we are using your feedback to directly inform our business planning, to ensure we can demonstrate how what you tell us influences our priorities and future direction. We want to understand where we are meeting your needs, and where there are gaps in our products and services which we should consider. This is a part of our ongoing dialogue with you to ensure your needs are being met and we continue to improve. We want to hear your views on what we should prioritise. We are also keen on more general feedback regarding your experiences with ONS, including your overall satisfaction and level of trust.

Why your views matter

We want to put your needs at the heart of what we do, starting with our strategic priorities for the next year.  Your feedback will influence our strategic direction and be heard at the very top of the organisation. To make our statistics more relevant and forward looking, it is essential that we understand emerging issues and react to them. You can help us do that.

The survey should take no more 15 minutes to complete.


  • Anyone from any background


  • Business
  • Crime
  • Economy
  • Health
  • Labour market
  • Migration
  • Population
  • Statistics
  • Data
  • Surveys