ONS Website and Web Estate Review

Closed 14 Mar 2022

Opened 11 Jan 2022


We want to ensure that the ONS website and our statistical dissemination service meet the widest possible needs; building innovative data products that help people understand the world around them.

To achieve this, the ONS is running a review of the ONS web estate to set out an ambitious plan to transform the user experience.

As part of this work, we want to understand our users’ experiences of the current ONS web estate and what you need, and would like, from our future web estate. The ONS web estate encompasses many things including, but not limited to, websites, social media accounts, portals and online blogs.   

We’d be grateful if you could share your views by completing this short survey, it should take no more than 5 minutes.

You may have different views about different channels within the ONS’s web estate and can use the comments section to expand on your answers where this may be the case or you’d like to provide additional feedback or examples.



  • Anyone from any background


  • Business
  • Crime
  • Economy
  • Health
  • Labour market
  • Migration
  • Population
  • Statistics
  • Data
  • Surveys