Defining and Measuring Green Jobs

Closes 6 Oct 2022

Opened 11 Aug 2022


The Office for National Statistics (ONS) was named in the government's Net Zero Strategy (October 2021), it states "The Office for National Statistics will seek to refine our understanding and measurement of the green economy as the UK transitions to net zero, including looking at such issues as quality of work and diversity within the green economy." 

The ONS’ “Green jobs”, current and upcoming work: March 2022 explained why green jobs are important for the UK and we have been funded by HM Treasury's Economy Data Innovation Fund to undertake a dedicated project on defining green jobs and producing statistical and analytical outputs.    

There is currently no agreed definition the ONS can use to produce statistics on green jobs. Various UK and international organisations use a range of definitions, which we explored in The challenges of defining a "green job". At the ONS, we currently produce two sets of related estimates, based on the Environmental Goods and Services Sector and the Low Carbon and Renewable Energy Economy

As part of the Green Jobs project, we will provide: 

  • an analysis of the responses from this user engagement exercise 

  • a clear definition or definitions of green jobs  

  • experimental statistics measuring green jobs, using these definitions  

  • initial analytical outputs  

  • a work programme for embedding statistics into standard output cycles 

We will also share our full methodology, including strengths and limitations of the estimates. We will explain how the data can be used, including how it can be disaggregated to effectively meet diverse user needs. At the ONS, we follow the Code of Practice for Statistics – our green jobs work will be produced using the Code. 

We are committed to consulting with our stakeholders to hear as many views as possible. We look forward to your responses. 

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