Consultation on the UK's adoption of industrial classification of economic activity

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Closes 23 Jan 2024


Revised versions of International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC) and Statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community (NACE) have been approved and endorsed for adoption by the relevant international bodies, namely the United Nations Statistical Commission and European Commission (Eurostat) respectively. 

The UK no longer has any legal obligation to adopt either classification, therefore we are keen to hear from users to inform a decision on which system the next version of UK SIC should be based. 

Please note that the UK remains autonomous in the UK SIC revision process, but, following the UK’s exit from the EU, no longer contributes to any updates to the NACE framework. It will, however, continue to contribute to updates that are applied to the ISIC framework.   

Please answer all questions. To help inform your answers, we recommend downloading the consultation document to provide further information.