ONS Children's Well-being Indicators

Closed 9 Dec 2020

Opened 2 Oct 2020


We need your feedback on the new proposed suite of ONS Children's Well-being Indicators.

Please find our research supporting the proposed indicator set here.

Please take this opportunity to highlight which indicators you consider a priority. We will use your input to help us develop a useful, child-centred indicator set which reflects children’s lives today and meets stakeholders’ needs.

Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Why your views matter

To ensure we have a robust, reliable set of indicators which cover the UK, allow for disaggregation and meet a range of stakeholder needs


  • Analysts
  • Charities
  • Government
  • Health professionals
  • Local government
  • Policy managers
  • Researchers
  • Statisticians
  • Think tanks


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