Census 2021 outputs: content design and release phase proposals

Closes 5 Oct 2021

2d: Data user need for UK data

In addition to carrying out the census and producing outputs for England and Wales, we are responsible for collating data from across the four nations of the UK to produce UK Outputs. These outputs provide totals for the UK, as well as comparable data for small areas across the UK.

Each nation has its own operational, user and respondent needs. The coronavirus pandemic led to each country reviewing whether to conduct their census in March 2021. Following this review, we concluded that we should conduct the census on 21 March 2021 as planned. The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) came to the same conclusion for Northern Ireland.  This date allows us to use Census 2021 data as a baseline from which to monitor recovery from the pandemic.

The Scottish Government’s review concluded that, because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, that they should move Scotland’s census to March 2022, to secure high-quality outputs. This means that there will be a one-year difference in reference dates and that the first results from Scotland will not be published before March 2023. 

The information you provide will be used when deciding if and how to present data for England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland together.  Please provide as much detail as possible to explain your data needs and how the current period of rapid social and economic change impacts your plans.

Do you plan to use UK level data or comparable data for small areas across the UK?
Would you make use of Census 2021 data for England, Wales and Northern Ireland published alongside each other when they are available, rather than waiting for full UK coverage?