Census 2021 outputs: content design and release phase proposals

Closes 5 Oct 2021

6a: Place of residence

In most cases, the coronavirus pandemic will not have impacted the place of residence. However, there will have been some situations where it has done so.

This may include people with two residences choosing to reside permanently at what had previously been their second residence as they did not need to commute to work. In contrast, where a person was staying temporarily at their second address on census night, they should have been counted as a visitor at that address, and also been included at the address where they are usually resident.

It might also include students who may have been studying from their permanent or family home address instead of a term-time address near their educational establishment. 

For Census 2021, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, we updated the collection guidance and statistical methods. We did this to collect the best possible data on students at their term-time address. This will allow users to maximise use of the data on students for long-term planning and service provision. This update meant that we aimed to collect data about students’ term-time address even if one or more of the residents was not there on Census Day. We also collected data about their out-of-term-time address. This is in line with the approach taken in 2011. 

The information you provide will be used to steer the program of work we are developing to supplement census data.  A strong understanding of user needs will allow us to maximise the use of census data to support decision making and service planning.  Please provide as much detail as possible to explain your data needs and how the current period of rapid social and economic change impacts your plans.

Do you anticipate needing any additional data on place of residence to supplement Census 2021 data?

We may be able to provide different data to what we intended to capture through Census 2021.

Are there any existing data sources that may meet your needs for place of residence data, either separately or in combination?
Please rank the following factors in order of importance in relation to your needs for analysis of place of residence data.

‘1’ is most important, and ‘4’ is least important. If a factor is not important at all, please respond ‘Not important’

Is there any new analysis of place of residence you are planning to use census data for due to the current period of social and economic change?

This may, for example, relate to the coronavirus pandemic, Brexit, or the levelling-up initiative.