Census 2021 outputs: content design and release phase proposals

Closes 5 Oct 2021

6e: Emerging data needs

Census 2021 data will be fundamental to our understanding of the impacts that recent economic and societal changes are having on different communities and how we live. We anticipate that users will have emerging new needs for Census 2021 data, to help understand these changes.

The information you provide will be used to help understand the value of Census 2021.  Please provide as much detail as possible to explain your data needs and how the current period of rapid social and economic change impacts your plans.

Is there any new analysis of Census 2021 data that you are planning due to the current period of economic and societal change?

If you selected ‘Yes’, please describe the additional analysis that you plan to do and the value of undertaking this research. For example, please state what variables you require and at what geography. What planning or policy decisions could this analysis feed into?  If you are planning more than one additional piece of analysis, please list out each one separately in the following questions.