Census 2021 outputs: content design and release phase proposals

Closes 5 Oct 2021

8a: Any other comments

Whilst we have aimed to make this consultation as comprehensive as possible, there are a wide range of Census 2021 topics and data users. As such, we have focussed on areas of development, where what will be produced will be significantly different to 2011. This section provides a space to highlight any data needs not discussed in other sections.

The information you provide will be used when finalising plans for Census 2021 outputs and analysis.  Please provide as much detail as possible to justify your data needs. For example, what policy or planning decisions would the data analysis affect?   

Do you have any data or analysis needs related to any of the areas listed below, that will not be met and you have not been able to note elsewhere in this consultation?

Select all that apply

Which topics areas do your unmet data needs relate to?

If you are interested in multivariate analysis, please note the primary topic or topics of interest. Select all that apply.

Do you need data or analysis?
Describe your first unmet data need.
Describe your second unmet data need.
Describe any further unmet data needs.
If you have any further comments on the content of this consultation, please provide these below.