Proposed changes to ONS Birth Statistics

Closed 26 Sep 2017

Opened 19 Jul 2017


We are planning to change the way in which birth statistics for England and Wales are published from 2017 data year onwards. The first births release containing 2017 data is planned for July or August 2018.

We plan to make explorable datasets for live births available in NOMIS. These will provide detailed birth statistics and some historic data for comparison. We currently use this approach for marriage, divorce and mortality statistics.

We intend to make four explorable datasets available for live births, with 2017 datasets being available from July or August 2018 - which will be earlier than similar data are currently available. The related document at the bottom of this page outlines the specification for these datasets and consequential changes proposed to our annual publication tables along with some new tables which we are proposing. We encourage feedback on these proposals and will take account of all feedback received before making any changes.

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