Closed consultations and surveys

  • Consultation on the UK's adoption of industrial classification of economic activity

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) would like your views on the next steps for updating UK Standard Industrial Classification (UK SIC) and to understand how you are using it. We’d like to hear your thoughts on the classification, its structure, and representation of economic activities in the UK. We want to understand how any potential changes in updating the classification framework may impact you in your use of UK SIC. Our consultation is asking which... More
    Closed 23 January 2024
  • ONS annual stakeholder satisfaction survey

    At the Office for National Statistics (ONS), we are committed to providing high quality statistics and analysis for the public good.     Our annual stakeholder survey seeks to understand your satisfaction with and use of our statistics. This survey uses the term ‘statistics’ to include any data, analysis and statistics produced by the ONS. Your views matter to us. They will help us to improve our offer, including how we communicate with you.      This survey... More
    Closed 22 January 2024
  • Ymgynghoriad ar ddyfodol ystadegau ar y boblogaeth a mudo yng Nghymru a Lloegr

    Mae'r ymgynghoriad hwn hefyd ar gael yn Saesneg . Ein cynlluniau trawsnewid Yn y Swyddfa Ystadegau Gwladol (SYG), rydym am glywed eich barn am ein cynlluniau uchelgeisiol ar gyfer trawsnewid ein hystadegau poblogaeth a mudo. Mae'r ystadegau hyn yn cwmpasu amrywiaeth eang o feysydd, gan gynnwys nodweddion cartrefi, cyflogaeth, iechyd, crefydd a mudo rhyngwladol. Mae ystadegau am y boblogaeth sy’n amserol ac o ansawdd uchel yn hanfodol wrth sicrhau bod pobl yn derbyn y... More
    Closed 29 October 2023
  • Consultation on the future of population and migration statistics in England and Wales

    This consultation is also available in Welsh . Our transformation plans At the Office for National Statistics (ONS), we want your views on our ambitious plans for the transformation of our population and migration statistics. These statistics cover a wide range of areas, including household characteristics, employment, health, religion and international migration. High-quality, timely population statistics are essential to ensure people get the services and support they need... More
    Closed 29 October 2023
  • COVID-19 Infection Survey Digital - User Feedback

    This survey aims to understand your experience of participating in the COVID-19 Infection Survey (CIS) and identify potential areas for improvement. It should take around 5 - 10 minutes to complete and can be completed by anyone taking part in the online and telephone questionnaire and postal and courier sample returns approach to the CIS about their most recent testing window. This is different to when study workers used to visit your home to do the questionnaire and collect the samples. You... More
    Closed 31 March 2023
  • Arolwg Heintiadau COVID-19 Digidol – Adborth Defnyddwyr

    Nod yr arolwg hwn yw deall eich profiad o gymryd rhan yn Arolwg Heintiadau COVID-19 a nodi meysydd posibl i'w gwella. Dylai gymryd tua 5 - 10 munud i'w gwblhau a gall unrhyw un sy'n cymryd rhan yn yr holiadur ar-lein a thros y ffôn a'r dull dychwelyd samplau drwy'r post a thrwy gludwr mewn perthynas ag Arolwg Heintiadau COVID-19 ei gwblhau ar gyfer ei gyfnod profi diweddaraf. Mae hyn yn wahanol i'r adeg pan arferai gweithwyr yr astudiaeth ymweld â'ch cartref i gwblhau'r holiadur a chasglu'r... More
    Closed 31 March 2023
  • ONS stakeholder satisfaction survey

    At the Office for National Statistics (ONS), we are committed to providing high quality data and analysis for the public good. Our annual stakeholder survey seeks to understand your experiences of the ONS, and your satisfaction with and use of our statistics and analysis. Your views matter to us. They will help us to improve our offer, including how we communicate with you. This survey should take around 10 minutes to complete. You can do it anonymously. We... More
    Closed 27 February 2023
  • Transforming the ONS’s household financial statistics

    We are seeking views on our ambitious plans for the transformation of our household financial statistics. These statistics cover the income, expenditure and wealth of UK Households and are a vital source of information for understanding people’s finances including the effects from the rising cost of living. Our aim is to ensure that the household financial statistics and analysis we produce continue to meet the evolving needs of policy makers, citizens and other data users. Our... More
    Closed 23 February 2023
  • New mortality assumptions method for national population projections

    National population projections (NPPs) serve a wide range of users across government and beyond. The primary purpose of the NPPs is to provide information on potential future population levels of the UK and its constituent countries. We base NPPs on the latest mid-year population estimates, together with assumptions of future levels of fertility, mortality and migration. We have developed a new mortality projection methodology for the NPPs as part of our strategy to continuously review... More
    Closed 20 February 2023
  • Review of the Measures of National Well-being

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) launched the Measuring National Well-being programme in 2010. As part of the programme, we held a national debate and asked the public “What matters to you?”. The 34,000 responses were used to develop the national well-being framework based on 10 domains: personal well-being, relationships, health, what we do, where we live, personal finance, economy, education and skills, governance, and environment. The events of recent... More
    Closed 9 December 2022
  • Understanding the cost of living through statistics

    Thank you for attending the ONS's 'Understanding the cost of living through statistics' event. Please can you give us your thoughts and complete the following feedback survey. More
    Closed 4 November 2022
  • Defining and measuring green jobs

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) was named in the government's Net Zero Strategy (October 2021), it states "The Office for National Statistics will seek to refine our understanding and measurement of the green economy as the UK transitions to net zero, including looking at such issues as quality of work and diversity within the green economy." The ONS’ “Green jobs”, current and upcoming work: March 2022 explained why green jobs are important for the UK and we have been... More
    Closed 6 October 2022
  • Consultation on the Redesign of the Crime Survey for England and Wales

    The ONS is seeking views on the planned redesign of the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW). Our aim is to ensure that the Crime Survey continues to reflect the evolving needs of policy makers, citizens and data users. The CSEW is a vital source of evidence in the crime debate, and it is critical that the survey continues to provide high quality statistics on crime in a cost-effective way. We are encouraging responses from everyone interested in crime statistics, including from... More
    Closed 21 August 2022
  • Transformation of Annual Business Survey and Annual Purchases Survey

    The ONS carries out a suite of Annual Business surveys: Annual Business Survey (ABS) Annual Purchases Survey (APS) Each of these annual surveys are used to measure the size and growth of the UK non-financial business economy in the UK. The Annual Business Survey is a survey which covers the production, construction, distribution, and services industries, and is the main source for understanding the... More
    Closed 1 August 2022
  • Labour Market Statistics User Engagement

    Before completing the survey, please read the attachment in the "Related" section below. The labour market statistics published by the ONS provide a comprehensive picture of the world of work in the UK. The statistics are based on a suite of surveys that cover both households and businesses, as well as using data from administrative sources. The ONS is undertaking an ambitious transformation programme to improve labour market statistics through survey transformation and... More
    Closed 29 June 2022
  • Research and Development survey

    The ONS run a suite of Research and Development (R&D) surveys: Business Enterprise Research and Development (BERD) Government Expenditure on Research and Development (GOVERD) Private non-profit (PNP) Each of these annual surveys are used to measure R&D activity in the UK. Outputs from each are combined with administrative data that measures R&D activity for the higher education sector to compile the ONS’ Gross... More
    Closed 2 June 2022
  • Outcomes for disabled people in the UK

    Understanding the different life experiences of disabled and non-disabled people can help identify inequalities within society. The ONS’ annual ‘ Outcomes for disabled people in the UK ’ release provides data on a number of areas of life, such as employment, education, well-being, loneliness, crime and social participation. The statistical indicators are based on annual data from various sources. We want to ensure that our data meets the needs of the people who use it. To achieve... More
    Closed 17 March 2022
  • Developing a method for producing annual gross value added at a subnational level

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is seeking views on a new method for producing gross value added (GVA) data at subnational level. Details of our suggested approach are outlined in this article . The aim is to eventually publish subnational data that offers the flexibility for users of our economic statistics to define and build their own geographies using the building blocks we produce. This flexibility is expected to help regional users access economic statistics in... More
    Closed 7 March 2022
  • Proposed future approach to measure travel and tourism statistics

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is looking for feedback to inform a review of our travel and tourism statistics . Travel and tourism statistics are used by businesses, policy-makers, tourism boards and many others to understand patterns and behaviours of people who travel both internationally and domestically. However, we now need to review how well these statistics are meeting the needs of the people and organisations using them. Similarly, the coronavirus... More
    Closed 21 December 2021
  • Self-Funders in Care Homes

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is looking for feedback to support the development of statistics measuring the number of people in care homes who are ‘self-funders’ – meaning they either fully or partially pay for their own care. People who self-fund their care make up a significant proportion of revenue for care home providers . However, a lack of comprehensive, standardised and linked-up data currently stands in the way of fully understanding the... More
    Closed 29 November 2021
  • Census 2021 outputs: content design and release phase proposals

    This consultation gave the public the opportunity to respond to our proposals for the content design and release of Census 2021 outputs for England and Wales. The feedback respondents gave will help us determine the final design of Census 2021 outputs and identify any new user needs that Census 2021 outputs can help to address. We’ve provided links to the original proposals and supporting consultation documents in the “related links” section at the bottom of the page. ... More
    Closed 5 October 2021
  • Exploring the feasibility of a survey measuring child abuse in the UK

    Please note: The closing date for this consultation has been extended to 30/04/2021 The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is looking for feedback to inform a feasibility study exploring whether a new survey to measure the current prevalence of child abuse in the UK could be successful. Child abuse is an appalling crime and can have a lasting effect, with research suggesting that outcomes can be experienced in the short-term and the long-term following... More
    Closed 30 April 2021
  • UK Statistics Authority Inclusive Data Consultation

    ONS is undertaking a review of how inclusive data and evidence are across the UK. This is in keeping with our new strategy, Statistics for the Public Good, and will help to support the work of the Inclusive Data Taskforce . Ultimately, we want to ensure that “…our statistics, [analysis and publications] reflect the experiences of everyone in our society so that everyone counts, and is counted, and no one is forgotten.” (Statistics for the Public Good, 2020). ... More
    Closed 26 March 2021
  • Consultation on the Health Index (Beta release)

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is looking for feedback to support the development of a composite Health Index. The proposal for a Health Index was made in the 2018 annual report of the government’s then Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dame Sally Davies, entitled Health 2040 – Better Health Within Reach . The report stated: “We need to track progress in improving health and health outcomes, to and beyond 2040 with a new composite Health... More
    Closed 3 March 2021
  • ONS Census 2021 Output Geography Policy, products and services

    As Census 2021 is approaching, ONS is finalising plans for the dissemination of Census statistics and have a proposed Census geography policy. This geography policy focusses largely on our plans for maintaining small area geographies - Output Areas, Lower Layer Super Output Areas, and Middle Layer Super Output Areas. We are also setting out plans for producing geography products and services. We would like to give census users an opportunity to comment on our plans through this... More
    Closed 18 December 2020
  • Statistics User Network Survey

    The Office for National Statistics is looking to improve the content, organisation and experience of Statistics User Network (SUN). More
    Closed 20 November 2020
  • Website Task and Finish Group Survey

    We want to assess the potential barriers experienced by users when searching for Census 2021 information on the ONS website. More
    Closed 30 October 2020
  • People Survey Action Plan - Update Survey

    ONS People Survey - Action Plan Tracking More
    Closed 13 July 2020
  • ONS Approved Researcher Survey

    To help us further develop and improve your access to ONS research data and the products and services we provide to support it, we would welcome your feedback. All the questions in this survey relate to the Approved researcher scheme and your access to research data through the scheme. More
    Closed 29 March 2018
  • User need for: Estimates of the population in marriages between same-sex couples.

    This consulation is to assess the user need for estimates of the population who are in a marriage between same-sex couples, specifically whether separate estimates from the total married population are required for analysis. More
    Closed 24 October 2017
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